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Full-Service Nail Trimming, Haircuts, & Teeth Brushing

A clean, happy pet makes for a happy owner. Give your family's four-legged friend a real treat with excellent grooming services from Pet Spoilers Spa LLC in Palm City, Florida. Our caring groomers provide your dog or cat with a full-service groom, including nail trimming, haircuts, and teeth brushing.

Spoil Your Pet

After just one appointment with our groomers, your furry friend will be fresh and clean from head to tail. We treat each pet that visits our spa with the same love and care you provide at home to ensure they're comfortable and calm. Our grooming services include: 

• Bathing
• Nail Trimming
• Medicated Bath 
• Haircutting
• Ear Hair Pulling
• Oatmeal Bath 
• Teeth Brushing
• Expressing of Anal Glands
• Flea Bath 


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